1. Confirmation of Quorum – Validated and confirmed.
  2. ApologiesCame a bit late. So was unable to get this.
  3. Matters Arising – None
  4. Waterford Children and Young Peoples Services Committee Report Presentation Julie Somers of Tusla Child and Family Agency made a presentation. The presentation is attached to this report.

 Report was made on the five outcomes listed in the report which are –

    1. Outcome 1: Active and healthy, physical and mental well being.
    2. Outcome 2: Achieving Full Potential in Learning and Development
  • Outcome 3: Safe and Protected from Harm
  1. Outcome 4: Economic Security and Opportunity
  2. Outcome 5: Connected, Respected and Contributing to their World


  1. Skills – The LCDC is still looking at aligning their plans in relation to ETB’s presentation on Skills at the December meeting. The LCDC will also work with the Bus community who will be having a meeting on the 27th Jan 2020.


  1. SICAP 2020 Annual Plan The annual plan is still being collated which hopefully will be completed to be reviewed during the February meeting.


  1. Healthy Waterford Approval has been by POBAL given less the Men’s Development Network project.


  1. Correspondence – Two correspondences were announced by Emma.


  1. AOB
    1. Senan Cooke informed the house at the meeting about PPN’s presentation to be made in February 2020
    2. Senan Cooke requested for the report on the collaboration of all agencies and how that impacts on the ordinary man.
    3. A review of the Local Economic Plan is in the offing.
    4. Organisations are encouraged to do presentations so that the LCDC will know how that impact on LCDC’s plans
    5. The living well programme was announced. Find attached the flyer.


  1. Date of Next Meeting – 13th February 2019 was eventually decided. Venue – City Hall, Waterford


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