Please read documents below to be ratified. If you’re happy with the various documents we would ask for your approval of them you can do this by email to OR if you have any queries on any of the documents please dont hesitate to email too. We would welcome any questions or comments you may have on any of the documentation. 


*Reports to be Ratified*

Plenary Meeting Report Oct 2019

Secretariat Report Dec 2020

Financial Report 2019


Committees/Boards Representatives 

Secretariat Elected representatives 

SPCs Elected Reps

LCDC Elected Reps

JPC Elected Reps

Other Boards/Committees we are represented on


Public Participation Networks Handbook Revised in 2020
This Handbook was written following consultations to review the original PPN User Guide, which was published in 2016 and updated in May 2017. The Handbook gives guidance, support and, where necessary, clarity, for everyone involved with, or interested in, the PPNs. This includes:
  • New and Existing Member Organisations – the Plenary
  • Representatives of the PPN, Committees and Boards
  • PPN Secretariats
  • PPN Workers
  • Elected Representatives and staff of Local Authorities
  • Department of Rural and Community Development

PPNs are funded jointly by the Department of Rural and Community Development and their local authority. This annual funding is specifically allocated to meet the cost of employing Resource Worker/s and Support Worker along with the ongoing operational costs.

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