04 Feb. 21

For PPN:  Jen Harris, Garrett Wyse, Gerty Murphy

Casual Trading By-Laws Draft Report

This meeting consisted primarily of a detailed conversation of the Casual Trading By-Laws Draft Report focused around where the pitches should go.  Full public consultation has taken place and got lots of submissions. Essentially the report discussed today is the final document going to Council at the next meeting since the public consultation, which sounds fairly comprehensive, has already taken place.

There was a lot of discussion around specific pitches around the County including such concerns as traffic, local reaction, impact on businesses, etc.

There was also a brief presentation on the Waterford 2040 Campaign, designed to attract investment and talent. Waterford:  Find Your Future. Campaign lit will be printed on nice paper and distributed widely.

Finally brief discussion around Tech U in the Southeast with the recommendation being that lobbying takes place through official channels rather than vocal public protest with the main argument being that as Waterford is the urban centre of the Southeast, the University needs to be here.

Very happy to note that traders must agree not to use single-use plastics.

Next meeting 31 March 2021.

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