Transport SPC Meeting report – December 2020 

Beach Bye-laws:  meeting agreed to draft new bye-laws for beaches concerning the use of inflatables by June 2021 and put out for public consultation. Also discussed: designated parking for campervans (which must include sensitisation, water, proper waste collection and any other facilities required), and the problem of wild camping and other anti social behaviour on or near beaches; one campervan park is currently under construction in Dungarvan.

Harbour bye-laws: the council has reviewed and draft bye-laws which will be sent out to all SPC members to review.

Hennessey’s Road and Barrack: both were discussed as currently they are dangerous and unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users; Planning permission has been granted for the development of the Little Sisters of the Poor building on Upper Bunker’s Hill/Manor Hill for apartments and the main entrance will be in Hennessey’s Road; this is likely to exacerbate traffic congestion on Hennessey’s Road; the council will see whether it is possible to widen the road or install a one-way system between Blake’s Lane and Bunker’s Hill.

Increasing bus routes etc: Fergus Galvin updated the SPC on a meeting with Bus Eireann officials on roads, bus stop shelters etc; will hopefully go to public consultation by July 2021.

Cycle Network Plan: A PPN issue; Fergus Galvin updated the PPN: the cycle network plan has been drafted and will be completed by early next year (hopefully after consultation!).

Mobility planning in around schools: there was a discussion around the traffic congestion around schools during drop off/pick up times and what can be doe to ease congestion? G Hynes (Senior Engineer, WCCC) said that consultation with schools in the past had not been particularly fruitful and that WCCC has no funds for schools projects; schools need to come forward and the council is there to support them; PPN reps argued that the council must approach the schools and encourage them. To be continued..

Work will start on the Waterford Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy next year.



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