Report by PPN Reps

The meeting was taken up with mostly one way systems, development of cycle lanes and issues relating to cycling blackspots especially in the Tramore area. Elaine Mullan PPN Rep gave a great contribution to the debate on cycling and the need for the council to take on more responsibility especially around hot spots areas in Tramore where there are issues. Also, discussion on cycle lane funding received and development of cycle-lanes in the city.

There was a very informative presentation about changes that were made around Portlaw national school to ease traffic congestion and make it safer for kids to arrive on foot or bike.

Debate on one way systems and the need for more one way systems to help with traffic and incorporate cycle lanes within the systems.

In relation to bus shelters, it appears that the TFI/NTA are responsible along with some private operators also putting up shelters. It was acknowledged that James O Donohue had applied for funding some time ago without any success. The city council will keep us in the loop when the bus connects plan for the city is launched. 

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